On the Radar

Battle of Britain Remembrance

Saturday September 15, 2018

1130AM - 2 PM



Horseshoe Bend Country Club

2100 Steeplechase Lane

Roswell, GA 30076


 78 years ago this summer a terrific battle was being waged in the skies over England.

It was perhaps the most critical battle of the Second World War. Without its victory there would have been no platform from which to liberate Europe, and the greatest navy in the world at the time could well have been turned on the USA


This year our meeting will be exactly on the anniversary of the most critical day 

September 15, 1940


Social Time

Review of the Battle of Britain – Bill Fisher

     Discussion of key events 

 with film clips of recollections of key participants

(maybe even some new facts you didn’t know)


Followed by Informal Discussion

- could Britain have lost the battle and then the war?

 - what then for the United States?




Note on Your Calendar: 

Annual Churchill Birthday Celebration 


Emory Professor Dr. Patrick Allitt

“Who Didn’t Like Churchill and Why Didn’t They Like Him

Sunday Brunch 1130AM December 2, 2018

Horseshoe Bend Country Club

2100 Steeplechase Lane

Roswell GA

This has the makings of a most interesting discussion on a topic rarely advanced in presentations on Churchill.

Dr. Allitt is a professor of history at Emory, author of seven books, speaker at English Speaking Union, and is available online and DVD in nine courses, with 300 lectures at        “The Great Courses”.

We’ve seen him present the most captivating analysis of the international diplomatic skills of Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War.  He also participated with us on after-movie discussion during the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival’s presentation of “Churchill: Walking with Destiny”

Menu and Pricing TBD

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