2021 Franklin and Winston at Placentia Bay


The Winston Churchill Society of Georgia Presents


A Short One Act Play depicting the events of the Atlantic Conference in August 1941

December 4th at Vintage Pizzeria in Dunwoody, GA Cocktails at 5:30 PM

Dinner at 6:30 PM Presentation post dinner

In commemoration of the 147th anniversary of the birth of Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, we proudly present a depiction of the events of that historic meeting, off the coast of Newfoundland, between President Franklin Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Our special guest will be Dr. Hal Raper, a native of Warm Springs, GA

Hal has developed the uncanny ability to impersonate FDR.

He and Bill Fisher, who will act as Churchill, have created a depiction of the events which occurred secretly during the Atlantic Conference, aboard naval warships of both nations, to

outline the reasons for defeating Naziism. They also made several military arrangements, not then publicized, that laid the foundation for the “Special Relationship” between the US and Great Britain, which continues to this day.

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